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20D: What Spain’s political parties are promising freelancers

In the run-up to the Spanish General Election on December 20th 2015 (20D), promises are flowing like so much cheap cava. But just what are the main Spanish political parties promising for freelancers, or autónomos as they are known here? It’s […]

The 6 Ps and SLB: Improve your English

Alan Ritchie talks about SLB in-company classes


“We’re pitching a new potential client in English next week.”

“Most of our clients are now outside Spain.”

“Our company has had to internationalise since the crisis.”

Irene presenting resized

These are just some of the statements SLB hears from businesses in our network on a regular basis. SLB in-company students can vary from having no discernible need for English in their workplace to those who are going to be pitching a multinational in a few days.

The first type may be motivated by other things, travel, an English speaking family member or a love of an English language band, TV series or author. The second type may not have much time to enjoy their exploration of the language on their own terms, they have to prepare, perform, and deliver in short order.

For an SLB teacher like myself this kind of class comes with a clear set of objectives, a set time frame and attainment that is to some degree immediately measurable.

I relish these classes and the challenges they bring into the mix. However, those same criteria can be enough to put the fear of god into anyone who is not speaking their native language, and that is where SLB can be of service.

The 6 Ps were drummed into the heads of the youthful rugby team in which I once played by our eccentric but undeniably effective coach. For those of you haven’t had previously had the pleasure- the 6 Ps are: Prior. Planning. Prevents. Piss. Poor. Performance.

And whilst you might not appreciate the old coach’s language, the message is impossible to argue with. So for our purposes as language trainers; rehearsal, dry runs and a positive feedback loop are key motors of performance. Students get specially targeted feedback and personalised language notes. In a short space of time, and with the unavoidable motivation of a pressure work situation, students can make rapid gains and improve delivery, confidence, and results.

Do you have a presentation next week? Are you flying to Scandinavia soon? Was that last video conference impenetrable? We’ll work with you to maximise outcomes and build your ability and confidence.

We have found a variety of techniques to work depending on the situation. As a client recently said; “We are so proud of the work done, it wouldn’t have been the same.”

For less immediate, or long-term challenges, a bespoke course of study is highly recommended, and can be arranged. However, if a company, team or individual is finding that they need to up their English game yesterday: forget the 6Ps, you just need to remember 3 letters; SLB.

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SLB begin new collaboration with Glassworks Barcelona

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SLB Validate TEFL Iberia’s Teacher-Training Course

Last week we confirmed our validation of TEFL Iberia’s 160-hour initial training programme for candidates seeking to become teachers of English as a foreign language. The course, based in Barcelona at the plush premises of Languages for Life, was found […]

Bottoms Up: An SLB Training Session, Oct 31st 2015 Barcelona

Image by Tom Koerner, USFWS Mountain-Prairie (2nd Place – Bottoms Up!) [CC BY 2.0 (//], via Wikimedia Commons Neil McMillan writes about the teacher-training session he’ll be delivering on Listening Skills on October 31st, 2015 in Barcelona Bottoms Up! And […]

Dealing with False (and Weird) Friends!

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Serveis Lingüístics Barcelona making moves…

The lack of posts on the Serveis Lingüístics de Barcelona blog recently has not meant a lack of SLB activity! Here’s a quick résumé of what our cooperative has been up to recently. 1. We moved out of two of our […]