Language courses
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Language courses

We have extensive experience delivering English classes to companies, institutions and organisations – from 3D design studios to hospitals to community mental health projects. Whether online or face to face, our team is well prepared to offer you or your business a solution perfectly tailored to your needs. We do this by adopting communicative, task-based and project-based approaches that engage and advance our students because they are based precisely on their needs. Why not get in touch today for a no-obligation quotation?

The classes are great. It’s a different method from the usual, there’s no textbook to follow; it’s a dynamic class, completely in English, that is adapted to the environment and sense of humour of the group, with a great amount of interaction. The teacher isn’t only professional but also punctual and responsible, and always has time at the end to deal with questions that arise and help you with work situations. Frankly recommendable, practical and efficient.

Anna Gamundi, Administrator, Meroil, S.A.

I’ve been studying English with the SLB since September 2014. My company is involved in a internationalization process and because of my job, I have to be in a business meetings with clients from other countries.

The classes help me to get more confidence and fluency in my company presentations and negotiation meetings. I feel how I’ve improved very fast and I’m very pleased with the learning system and the teaching method. It’s not a classical magisterial class; everything is very natural and the teacher adapts the contents of the class to my changing needs.

Manel Garcia, General Manager, SIGNES

Learning and materials design

SLB’s writers are experts in learning and educational material design. From language courses to university entrance preparation, SLB is experienced in developing materials and courses adapted to a wide variety of business, academic and leisure needs. Get in touch to find out what we can create for you.

I commissioned Neil and the team at SLB to design and write course materials for two major providers in the e-learning industry. They have it all, creativity, reliability and a willingness to go the extra mile to help the client produce an end product that makes a real impact. A pleasure to work with and come highly recommended. 

Vinod Aithal, Freelance editor

Translation services

Serveis Lingüístics de Barcelona boasts a number of professionals who are specialised in various languages and sectors and are able to translate, proofread and edit documents to a high level of precision and quality.

Our areas of expertise include, amongst others, the translation of documents in the marine, legal and medical fields, incorporating a wide range of languages including Spanish, Catalan, English, Arabic, Italian, and German. SLB isn’t a regular translation agency; our translators are cooperative members, with years of experience, who collaborate with each other to offer a personalised and quality service at a very competitive price.

Proofreading services

With a variety of languages and specialisations at our disposal, there is no job too big or small for SLB’s team of proofreaders! We not only check for errors and inaccuracies, but also ensure that tone and register are consistent with the objectives of the text. Our pricing is competitive and adapted to the specificities of the job you require. Our use of technology and translation memories means that we can increase our speed on certain jobs, a saving of time that translates into our clients saving money.

Please get in touch today with your requirements and we’ll provide you with a no-obligation quotation.