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Anyone who agrees with our objectives can join SLB! These are:

  • To improve the economic conditions of our members
  • To improve our technical abilities as language professionals

SLB may be of particular interest to freelance language teachers, materials writers, teacher trainers, translators and proofreaders. It can be an advantage, although it is not essential, to be based in Barcelona or the surrounding area. Click on the following sections to find out more.

  • Fiscal & legal advice, especially for freelancers in Spain. Includes support in submitting tax returns – you may no longer need to use an accountant!
  • Access to materials and other resources to support professional activities, including a dedicated materials bank, shared subscriptions to tools for online teaching, and an SLB email with access to the Google Suite of applications.
  • Training and professional development run by members for members.
  • The chance to work for clients contracted by SLB, at a fair rate of pay decided by members and inclusive of prep and travel time (freelancers only).
  • An increase in work opportunities through the network of members.
  • The chance to develop independent projects in collaboration with other members, and to have our own projects promoted by the co-op.
Fundamentally, each member can participate democractically in decisions about executive positions, accounts and the distribution of profits. One member – one voice – one vote! There is an annual general meeting, with more frequent informal discussions to consult members on strategy.

This participation depends on each member holding a share of the co-op’s social capital, which currently costs €200 plus a 30€ registration fee. This investment is returned to the member if they leave (see the statutes in the next section for more details).

Each member also pays a monthly subscription towards cooperative services. At the moment this is:

  • 20€ + IVA for freelance members
  • 15€ + IVA for non-freelance members
  1. Download and read the official Statutes of the cooperative. If necessary, Contact us to arrange an obligation-free chat about what is involved in joining SLB.
  2. Use the form below to write a 300-word Statement of Interest about what you want from the co-op, and what you can offer us as a member.
  3. Attach an up-to-date CV to the statement and submit it.
  4. You will then be contacted by SLB. If your initial application is accepted, an interview will be arranged.
  5. If both parties wish to proceed, you will then make the investment in social capital, set up your monthly subscription, and sign a social contract with us.
  6. Upon completing step 5, you will be entered in the members’ register and given an induction to enable your participation in co-op activities!

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