Teacher Development

SLB offers a range of professional development courses and workshops/webinars for teachers, on topics ranging from pronunciation training through task-based language teaching (TBLT) to content and language integrated learning (CLIL). These sessions are run by teachers, for teachers, and are available to both individuals and organisations.

The SLB’s trainers have decades of cumulative teaching and training experience, and all hold Master’s degrees or higher in their field.

Do you have a language-related training need? Tell us about it and we’ll offer a competitive rate for a course or workshop/webinar that meets your needs.

The webinar helped me to better define my student’s needs and purposes and gave me some great ideas for new tasks. Thank you!

Deloye, French teacher attending 'Tasks & Technology'

Recent workshops have included:

  • Taking a task-based approach to Cambridge exam prep

  • Teaching online with Zoom, Teams and Flipgrid (recording available free here)

  • A wide horizon: From ELT to a writing career (recording available free here)

  • Teaching with tasks and technology
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The SLB TBLT Course

An acclaimed 100-hour online tutored course on task-based language teaching for teachers and course designers, this course will enable you to transform your language teaching, at a personal or institutional level, to engage your learners, meet their needs and push their linguistic development.

TBLT is a dynamic, learner-centred approach which involves the ‘learning by doing’ principle. Our course features special guest contributions from TBLT and assessment experts including the late Mike Long (on whose version of TBLT the course is based), Roger Gilabert (University of Barcelona), Marta González-Lloret (University of Hawai’i) and Glenn Fulcher (Leicester University).

Please visit our platform learn.slb for more information.

The course helped me to plan and carry out a needs analysis, and then to design a 14-week course for the German university where I work which is now ‘live’ and running with real students. I could never have achieved this without the theoretical framework provided by the course, the guidance and support of the tutors, and the excellent special guest contributions. I would thoroughly recommend the course to ambitious teachers who want to create more engaging and original syllabuses using proven TBLT principles.

Paul Walsh, course participant
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We were delighted to get some expert feedback for our English teaching team from SLB. Their approach is hands-on and thoroughly professional, and our continued collaboration will help our teachers develop and thereby ensure the quality of English classes for Phoenix students in years to come.

Dom Williams, Director, Phoenix Projects, Latin America