SLB is open to Erasmus+-funded partnerships for cooperation in the areas of higher, vocational, school, and adult education and training. We have been delighted to contribute our expertise on needs analysis design, teaching methodologies, materials design and teacher-training to the TBL4Tourism project described below, and we are looking forward to more opportunities of this quality.


TBL4Tourism is a 2-year project designed to support vocational language training in the tourism sector, specifically for restaurant workers. It comes to an end in February 2024.

Alongside our partners LUV from Slovenia, CPIP from Romania, Blackbird from Serbia and York Associates from England, we have:

  • Carried out a thorough analysis of the foreign language needs of the sector, identifying key target tasks for waiters and related staff
  • Designed a pedagogical syllabus based on these target tasks, together with supporting materials for sample task-based units
  • Created an online self-access training course on Task-Based Language Teaching to support teachers using the project results

SLB’s principal contribution has been our expertise on the Task-Based Language Teaching methodology, which proved a great fit for language training in the vocational sector.