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In 2014 we started out as a cooperative designed for teachers & translators who work for themselves but who need access to opportunities, professional development, materials and other key services. All this is done within a democratic framework in which all cooperative members, with a minimum investment, are given an equal vote and the opportunity to share profits. Over time, the team has continued to grow. See what five of our members have to say:

James- Why I joined SLB - Finished

“Not only are we committed to self-development as teachers, trainers and translators, but we are also concerned with some of the larger, overarching issues in the ELT world, such as discriminatory hiring practices, variable working conditions and the dominance of big publishers.” 

James Venner – Read more

Mandeep - Why I Joined SLB - Finished“I began to feel uneasy and if I’m honest a little disillusioned with the whole industry. The tricky part was I knew I definitely still wanted to teach and had just gone through all the hard work and dedication that doing an MA while working requires. Then I heard about the Coop.” 

Mandeep Locham – Read more

BenNazer-small-WhyIJoinedSLB“I think who we are as practitioners should involve common shared values of equity, of empathy, and of working together; cooperation and collaboration. SLB has a very positive approach to how this industry could improve, and is not afraid to criticise the precarious nature of a lot of what we do.”

Ben Nazer – Read more

Laura-Why-I-Joined-SLB-Finished-1“What appeals to me is the holistic approach the cooperative has, for example teaching people at either end of the spectrum with business classes at one end and at the other end voluntary classes for the disadvantaged.”

Laura HesseRead more

Alan - Why I joined“Many hours of talking, writing and working later, the SLB ride is forever gathering pace and more people are getting on board with us. It’s a challenging and exciting project to be a part of and I’m relishing this new chapter in my professional life and in the lives of my fellow cooperativistas.”
Alan Ritchie – Read more

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