The episode can be listened to here, with further links to the usual podcast directories.

Thanks again to ELT Planning, Mura Nava and Paul Walsh for their questions.

The final selection for the SLA ’11’, with positions left open for debate, is as follows (with recommended reading):

Geoff did actually come out of retirement to write a blog post on our TBLT course, here.

The Teachers as Workers website is here.

The article on ‘The Meaning of Scott Thornbury’ by the Marxist TEFL Group is here.

The documentary about The Angry Brigade can be viewed below:

There is a useful overview and list of publications relating to The Situationist International and Guy Debord here.

Margaret Thatcher did in fact become known as the ‘milk snatcher‘ in 1971 while she was education secretary. More on this here. Neil McMillan’s milk was snatched around 1980 or 1981, by which time Thatcher was prime minister, but this may have been a local authority decision!

Thanks for listening, and cheerio!


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