As well as writing, speaking and editing, Scott Thornbury teaches on TESOL programmes at the New School.  Some of his key publications include:

  • About Language (CUP 1997)
  • Uncovering Grammar (MacMillan Heinemann 2001)
  • Teaching Unplugged (with Luke Meddings) (Delta Publishing 2009)
  • The New A-Z of ELT (MacMillan 2017)
  • 30 Language Teaching Methods (Cambridge 2017)

The blog version of the A-Z is an invaluable (and free) resource for curious teachers. It’s also the place where some of the disagreements between Scott and Geoff have taken place …

The piece by Geoff we refer to, ‘We need to talk about coursebooks’, is available to ELTJ online subscribers as an advance article here. The response by Stacey Holliday Hughes, ‘Coursebooks: Is there more than meets the eye?’ is here, and Geoff’s reply to the response here.

The Hands Up Project, for which Scott is a trustee, is a charity providing online storytelling and English language learning to Palestinian and Syrian children.

Dogme ELT was based on the Dogme ’95 school of cinematic asceticism. The ‘vows of chastity’ for teachers echo those imposed by Lars Von Trier on film-making.

Scott refers to a CELTA programme in Germany run on Dogme principles. The course is ongoing at the Hamburg School of English and the head of CELTA training is Anthony Gaughan. Anthony’s blog Teacher Training Unplugged offers valuable insights into his approach, as well as providing advice for teachers on implementing Dogme, such as here.

ELT Advocacy Ireland is a grassroots organisation promoting rights for teachers as workers and liaising with local unions. Meanwhile, The TEFL Workers’ Union is part of the Industrial Workers of the World. It organises teachers and other language school staff in London and beyond.

And finally, regarding Scott’s comments about regulatory improvements for ELT in Australia, this page offers more information about the current system, along with further links.


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