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In September 2019 we began recording and releasing episodes of the SLB podcast, about ‘ELT, SLA and other things that enthrall and infuriate us’!

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Show notes for episode 2 can be found here, episode 3 here, episode 4 here, episode 5 here, episode 6 here, episode 7 here, epsiode 8 here, episode 9 here, and episode 10 here.

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    2 years ago · Reply

    Thanks a lot for a very interesting discussion. As much as I agree on most of the arguments put forward by Nick White and Mathew Ellman, it needs to be said though that there are many many teachers that walk into their classrooms saying ‘hi how are you, so today we’re going to focus on the present perfect’. Not all teachers work according to the principles counselled in CELTA trainings and, as you know, in most cases, what counts is to ‘cover’ the syllabus. So, e.g. spending time on activating schemata or aiming at building procedural knowledge is considered ‘wishful thinking’. English is by all means a ‘product’ taught ‘linearly’ and in manageable chunks. Teachers talk ‘about’ the English language and learners complete sentences – and this is how language learning is conceived. Definitely not efficacious, but it happens more often than one thinks.

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