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SLB Review of 2017!

The year has already passed for some of the world as I’m typing this, so before the bells toll for us, and we down our grapes, cava, whiskey, or whatever, we’ve just about got time to squeeze out a quick […]

International membership of the cooperative SLB!

Not so long ago, some like-minded souls asked whether international membership of our cooperative was possible, or whether there were any other ways to support what we do. So we put the idea to our socios, had our usual discussion […]

Serveis Lingüístics Barcelona making moves…

The lack of posts on the Serveis Lingüístics de Barcelona blog recently has not meant a lack of SLB activity! Here’s a quick résumé of what our cooperative has been up to recently. 1. We moved out of two of our […]

SLB Information Session: Now Really Public!

Back on July 26th we held our first public information session in Barcelona to explain what our cooperative is about and to invite applications to join us. Despite being on the cusp of the holidays, we got a good turnout […]

So Far We Have:

Constituted and registered our cooperative of linguistic services, currently consisting of four founding socios Invested the obligatory minimum capital (€3000) Begun building our first service, a pool of material and courses for English teachers Made available our second service, a stock […]