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The SLB Podcast Ep 6 – Things of 2019 – Show Notes

You can listen to the episode, or follow links to your preferred podcast platforms, here. Many thanks to Geoff Jordan, Simon Courtney, Anita Derecskei and Elen Evans for their contributions. NB all views expressed on the podcast are the individual […]

Key findings from our ELT in Barcelona survey

What? Earlier this year James and Melanie, two SLB members, conducted an online survey. It looked at teacher demographics, teaching background, working conditions and teachers’ reflections on the ELT industry. If you’re reading this, you might be one of the […]

Pitching services for ELT freelancers: a SLB webinar

On Saturday June 1 2019 we held an open webinar on pitching services for ELT freelancers, entitled ‘Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf’. Why this title? Well, it referred to the fear that selling to clients often instils in […]

Open webinar: “Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?”

At SLB, one of our main objectives is to improve the technical abilities of our members. In practical terms, this means regular in-house training and plenty of more informal opportunities to share ideas. However, from time to time, we open […]

SLB launches e-learning platform, learn.SLB

Two years ago, several SLB cooperative members decided to invest extra time and money into building an e-learning platform. We are now finally launching that platform, learn.SLB, with its first teacher-training and language-learning courses. Why launch an e-learning platform? As […]

Enhancing video lessons with 21st century skills

This piece was written in cooperation with ‘What If Spirit’ and is published simultaneously on their blog. What does the introduction of digital technologies into classrooms mean for curricula? Will it require a complete overhaul of current educational approaches? What can we […]

For Love’s Sake

The original post has been taken down in the interests of furthering the peace and harmony we eventually seemed to arrive at. Long may it continue! Many thanks to all who contributed to the discussion. I’ve “unapproved” your comments for […]