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For more on Mike Long and his lengthy list of publications, see his academic page here.

Many thanks to Sarah Priestley, Stephen Allen and Chris Cooper for their questions for Mike.

The academic mentioned by Mike (around the 42:00 mark), who has collaborated with Martin Bygate, is Virginia Samuda.

And the two pieces we mention by Roger Gilabert are:

Mike’s notes and SLA ’11’

TBLT recommended reading
Long, M. H. (2015). Second language acquisition and Task-Based Language Teaching. Oxford: Wiley Blackwell.
Long, M. H. (2016). In defense of tasks and TBLT: Non-issues and real issues. Annual Review of Applied Linguistics 36, 5-33.
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ISLA studies of implicit learning
Kang, E. Y., Sok, S., & Han, Z-H. (2018). Thirty-five years of ISLA on form-focused instruction: A meta-analysis. Language Teaching Research 23, 4, 428-453.

  • 54 studies (1980 – 2015)
  • Large effect size for instruction (g = 1.06), and also on delayed post-tests (g = .93)
  • Explicit (g = 1.1) = Implicit (g = 1.38) on immediate post-tests
  • Implicit (g = 1.76) > Explicit (g = .77) on delayed post-tests (!) (p < 05) [This is the usual pattern: Implicit learning is more durable]

De Vos, J. F., H. Schriefers, M.G. Nivard & K. Lemhofer (2018). A meta-analysis and meta- regression of incidental second language word learning from spoken input. Language Learning 68, 4, 906-941.

Libertarian education
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Mike’s SLA ’11’: Line-up and recommended reading:
Formation: 4-2-1-3

Rebuschat, P. (ed.), Implicit and explicit learning of languages. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 2015.
Rebuschat, P., & Williams, J. N. (Eds.), Statistical learning and language acquisition. Boston: Walter de Gruyter.
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Aline Godfroid: Numerous articles in first-tier journals
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Alison Mackey: Input, interaction, and corrective feedback in L2 learning. Oxford: OUP, 2012, and numerous articles in first-tier journals.

Back four:
Manfred Pienemann, & Jorg-U. Kessler (Eds.): Studying Processability Theory. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 2011.
O’Grady, W.: Syntactic Carpentry. An emergentist approach to syntax. Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum, 2005.
Andrea Revesz: Numerous articles in first-tier journals
Manne Bylund: Numerous articles in first-tier journal

Kenneth Hyltenstam: Numerous books and articles

Coach:  Sue Gass: Numerous books and articles

Referee: Jurgen Meisel: First and second language acquisition. Parallels and differences. Cambridge: CUP, 2011.

VAR: Kevin Gregg: Numerous articles and chapters

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