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The SLB Podcast Ep 3 with Mike Long – Show Notes

The episode can be listened to here, with further links to the usual podcast directories. To enter the competition for a discounted place on our TBLT course starting November 8 2019, please email us the answer to the question at […]

Our TBLT online course: the whys and wherefores

This post was written by course tutor Neil McMillan and originally published on learn.SLB. The latest iteration of our course can be found here. At SLB we’re very much looking forward to March 2019 and the first run of our […]

A short interview with Geoff Jordan

As another preview of SLB´s forthcoming teacher-training clinic with Geoff Jordan on Saturday 21st February (for which spaces are very limited – act fast if you want in!), the man himself agreed to a short interview. Simple as that. So […]