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Our TBLT online course: the whys and wherefores

This post was written by course tutor Neil McMillan and originally published on learn.SLB. The latest iteration of our course can be found here. At SLB we’re very much looking forward to March 2019 and the first run of our […]

SLB launches e-learning platform, learn.SLB

Two years ago, several SLB cooperative members decided to invest extra time and money into building an e-learning platform. We are now finally launching that platform, learn.SLB, with its first teacher-training and language-learning courses. Why launch an e-learning platform? As […]

Enhancing video lessons with 21st century skills

This piece was written in cooperation with ‘What If Spirit’ and is published simultaneously on their blog. What does the introduction of digital technologies into classrooms mean for curricula? Will it require a complete overhaul of current educational approaches? What can we […]

Divided unions, continuing precarity for Spain’s teachers

This piece was commissioned by the Teachers as Workers collective and is published simultaneously on their blog. We will not accept botch jobs or blackmail. In keeping with our principles, we are not going to sign an agreement that doesn’t […]

Teaching 1-to-1 English online: an SLB webinar

Teaching 1-to-1 English online: challenges, opportunities and some practical advice for getting started 12.00 (CET) Saturday 26th May The accessibility, individuality and flexibility of online platforms is pulling more and more language learners away from traditional settings. But what does […]