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[h1]Mandeep Locham

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Mandeep was born and raised in the UK and has lived in Barcelona for over 12 years. She is a highly experienced English teacher and materials writer.

She has a proven track record in organising and delivering specialised language training courses.

She specialises in English for work classes that can improve student performance in areas like giving presentations, negotiating, emailing, networking, meetings etc. Her clients have ranged from individuals wanting to pass exams through to higher education institutions and multinational corporations.

She has a Trinity Certificate in TESOL and a Masters in Applied Linguistics from The University of Birmingham.

She uses her knowledge of language learning research and methodology to create motivating classes that consider the different ways that students learn, the problems they face and the best strategies to help them reach their goals. Her thesis was on differences in vocabulary learning between intermediate and advanced levels.

Mandeep creates materials tailored to her students and thinks it is important to use engaging and relevant sources to make classes fun and interesting.

[blockquote]Contact me if you are looking for an enthusiastic teacher to create a specialised course with well defined goals.[/blockquote]