[h1]Joining the Cooperative[/h1]
[h2]The 8-step joining process:[/h2]

[strong]1. [/strong]Candidate submits an up-to-date CV.

[strong]2. [/strong]Candidate submits a 300-word Statement of Interest about what they want from the coop and what they can offer in return.

[strong]3. [/strong]Candidate must read the statutes and reglamento documents.

[strong]4. [/strong]Application is considered by the Consell Rector (our executive council), normally within a week of receipt.

[strong]5. [/strong]Candidate attends an interview in which a member of SLB explains the economic and other obligations and benefits to coop members. We will also answer any questions from the applicant. This meeting may be presential (Barcelona) or by Skype if necessary.

[strong]6. [/strong]Consell Rector meets to consider the application.

[strong]7. [/strong](If approved) candidate will be notified by email and will then be required to sign a joining document declaring that they have understood the statutes and obligations etc.as well as making the required financial contribution of 200€ and setting up a direct debit for the monthly membership fee of 20€.

[strong]8. [/strong]Candidate becomes a member of SLB upon receipt of the financial contribution, and is then registered in the libro de socios. SLB will also issue you with an ‘@slb.coop’ address.