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Our TBLT online course: the whys and wherefores

This post was written by course tutor Neil McMillan and originally published on learn.SLB. At SLB we’re very much looking forward to March 2019 and the first run of our inaugural TBLT online course, Task Based Language Teaching: From theory […]

CLIL: The good, the bad and the not so ugly

Since getting involved in CLIL a couple of years ago, I have heard quite mixed opinions about its effectiveness and, unfortunately, most of them have been negative. Teachers understandably ask themselves: “How can I teach a subject to any decent […]

SLB launches e-learning platform, learn.SLB

Two years ago, several SLB cooperative members decided to invest extra time and money into building an e-learning platform. We are now finally launching that platform, learn.SLB, with its first teacher-training and language-learning courses. Why launch an e-learning platform? As […]