You can listen to the episode, or follow links to your preferred podcast platforms, here. Many thanks to Myles Klynhout and Elina Paatsila for their contributions.

NB all views expressed on the podcast are the individual opinions of the contributors and do not necessarily reflect the views of SLB as a cooperative.

SLB webinar on teaching online

This was run by Anita Derecskei, James Venner and Sean Hutchman, and covers teaching with Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Flipgrid. A video of the event can be viewed here.

Interview with Myles Klynhout

You can follow Myles on Twitter here, and on LinkedIn here. Some of the other stuff referred to in Neil’s chat with Myles includes:

Interview with Elina Paatsila

Many thanks to Elina for taking part, and apologies to her for the time it has taken to get this episode ready! Here are some of the key links from her chat with Myles.

Finally, Elina refers to the following publications:

  • Fredrickson, B.L. 2009. Positivity. CA: Three Rivers Press.
  • Fredrickson B.L. & Losada, M.F. 2005. Positive affect and the complex dynamics of human flourishing. American Psychologist, 60(7), 678


In addition to the usual intro and outro bits, this episode features excerpts from:

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Don't worry. We never use your email for spam.

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