We are delighted to tell you about not one but TWO Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT) projects that our cooperative is delighted to be involved with. Read on for details!

1: “Designing tasks for second language learning” – a post-grad course for teachers in the Barcelona area

Thanks to our previous collaboration with TBLT researcher Roger Gilabert from the Universitat de Barcelona (UB), SLB has had the privilege to work with Roger again on the design of a new *expert* post-grad extension course at UB.

Entitled “Designing tasks for second language learning“, this face-to-face course is aimed at Primary, Secondary and Adult Education language teachers in the Barcelona area. From the course description:

The goal of this course is to train teachers, syllabus designers and other professionals in task-based design for second or foreign language learning and teaching.

In our competency-based context for the teaching of foreign languages in primary and secondary (competencies bàsiques), official language schools (EOIs), vocational training and schools, as well as general language schools, teachers and program designers are often asked and expected to design tasks and materials from perspectives such as task-based learning (TBLT), project-based learning (PBL) and integrated content and language learning (CLIL). These three perspectives have in common the need to design communicative tasks and allow the development of basic skills and competencies.

The course will be taught 100% in English and is open to professionals teaching any second or foreign language in our educational context.

The course kicks off on September 22nd 2022 but it’s not too late to enrol. See the UB webpage for more details or download the brochure here.

2: “TBL 4 Tourism” – an innovative European-funded project

Earlier this year we were over the moon to discover that our joint proposal for a TBLT project to help workers and trainees in the tourism sector had been awarded funding by Erasmus+!

We are now working with institutions from Slovenia (LUV), Serbia (Blackbird), Romania (CPIP) and England (York Associates) on this exciting project. At the moment we are completing the Needs Analysis phase led by Blackbird, then York Associates will lead the syllabus and material design stage, before finally in 2023-24 SLB will begin putting together a training course for teachers.

This project is designed to help not only workers in the sector, but also teachers and institutions prepare people to work in tourism. If you work in vocational or language training for this sector, please get in touch to find out how you could benefit.

We will continue reporting on developments in this project. For now, please enjoy the project brochure below, and click here to download the first newsletter. You can also follow the project on Facebook here.

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