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Type Activity, Exam Practice
Level B2, C1, C2
Topic general interest, psychology, travel
Tags CAE, describing a picture, describing function and use, FCE, making comparisons, describing objects
Type Activity, Image
Level B1, B2, C1, C2
Topic comedy, social media, memes, coronavirus, digital literacy
Tags ellipsis, telling jokes
Type Activity, Audio
Level B1, B2
Topic business, telephone english
Tags apologising, resolving problems, TBLT
Type Activity
Level A1, A2
Topic directions, shapes, orientation
Tags adjectives, giving directions, locating, prepositions of place
Type Activity, Image, Video, Webpage
Level B1, B2, C1, C2
Topic marketing, brands, mood boards
Tags task-based learning, group work, project-based, Canva
Type Activity, Video
Level B2, C1
Topic alcohol, film, null_select, animals, London
Tags anecdotes, narrating, narrative tenses, past perfect
Type Activity, Text
Level B2, C1, C2
Topic employment, work
Tags debate, discussion, employment rights
Title Synesthesia
Type Activity, Video
Level B1, B2, C1
Topic music, science, neuroscience
Tags bottom-up decoding, shadow listening
Type Activity
Level B2, C1
Topic exam english, Graphs
Tags describing graphs, ielts
Type Activity
Level B1, B2, C1
Topic Motivation
Tags discussion
Type Video
Level B2, C1
Topic environment, home
Tags comparatives, TBLT, home
Type Activity
Level B2, C1
Topic crime
Tags crime, pictures, vocabulary
Title Tax Justice
Type Activity
Level C1, C2
Topic economics, finances, tax system, corruption, tax havens
Tags inferring, emphasising
Type Activity, Text, Video
Level B1, B2, C1
Topic technology, tourism, travel, airports, apps, TV series, social credit
Tags resolving problems, role play, TBLT, complaining, making arrangements, flight cancellation
Title Regifting
Type Video
Level B2, C1
Topic Christmas, giving presents
Tags adjectives, adverbs, future, past simple, present perfect, prefixes, suffixes
Time relevance? December
Type Audio, Text
Level B2, C1, C2
Topic business, work, offices, architecture, design
Tags collocations, discussion
Type Activity, Video
Level B2, C1, C2
Topic British culture, politics, Europe, EU, Brexit
Tags RP, microlistening
Type Activity
Level B2, C1
Topic used to, be used to, get used to
Tags used to, be used to
Type Numbers/Stats/Infographic
Level All levels
Topic feedback
Tags Regular feedback
Type Exam Practice
Level B2
Topic FCE exam overview 2018
Tags FCE