Laura Hesse

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Laura is an experienced passionate teacher keen to see progression in her students.  She is specialised in business English, job interview preparation and preparation for official exams. Starting off as a teacher’s assistant in secondary schools in Britain, she found she had a natural talent for teaching.

One part of her work she finds very rewarding is English for Special Purposes. This involves researching into the professions and activities of the clients then tailoring lessons to their needs. A typical day could include a debate on clinical trials with a pharmaceutical group, analysing the future impact of artificial intelligence on lawyers’ jobs and helping a waiter take a customer’s order in English. It is the student that makes every lesson different.

Her personal experience as a language learner helps her to understand the problems encountered by her students. Her main motivation for leaving the UK and moving to France many years ago was to become fluent in the language. She’d had classes to prepare but stepping foot in France she realised reality does not match with the learning environment. Moving from Toulouse to Barcelona was much easier as she was fully aware of what the language process involved and that it was possible to get to a high level in a short time if she put in the effort. Through completing the French DELF and Spanish DELE exams, she has a clear idea of the challenges involved and also the drive required for her students to achieve their goals.

Talk to me if you’d like define and achieve your learning goals. I’d love to hear from you!