James Venner
Teacher and Writer

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James VennerJames is a language professional with a BA in Linguistics & Italian and an MA in Applied Linguistics. He has taught English in the UK, Ecuador, Italy and Spain. He specialises in teaching advanced learners, both General and Business English, and has 500+ hours of online ELT experience. He also works part-time, blogging and overseeing social media for a wildlife website.

After graduating from his BA at the University of Manchester, James worked in higher education marketing in London and later as an interpreter in the Italian Alps.

In 2015 James moved to Barcelona to complete an MA in Applied Linguistics. For his thesis James investigated Spanish speakers’ ability to perceive differences in native English and Spanish accented speech. The study also looked at how perceptual training can increase learners’ sensitivity to these phonemic differences and, in turn, improve their pronunciation. Although he has now completed his studies, James remains an active member of the Barcelona L2 Speech Research Group and continues to follow his interest in this academic area.

In our classes we will work together – with the help of original materials, specific to your interests and needs – to develop the fluency, accuracy and complexity of your language. Along the way, you will be introduced to a set of study skills and strategies that will help you become an effective and independent language learner.