Ben Nazer

Ben loves being a TEFL ‘lifer’ and thinks lifelong learning is a fascinating way of leading an interesting life. Often studying online or distance courses, or writing something or other, he has a range of qualifications and a breadth of experience that has taken him to four different countries in the last thirteen years. He completed his CELTA in 2009 and a young learner extension certificate in 2013.

He finished a Delta in 2014, and an MA in Applied Linguistics and TESOL in 2016. He has enjoyed various MOOCs, and completed the NILE-ELT course: “Teaching English in Pre-Primary Education.”

Ben believes teaching should be intellectually challenging and involve genuine exchanges. Being interested in critical pedagogy, he thinks PARSNIPs are delicious and that debating difficult topics breeds better people. He is interested in ways in which teachers can create spaces that put the students at the centre of their own processes of learning.

When Ben is not reading mindless viral media or serious articles about language teaching, he can often be found eating in somewhat alarming quantities, or thinking about what to eat next.

He also likes sleeping and playing with his cat. Living and working in London, he is always interested in collaborating on TEFL projects.

Language is a tool for communicating ideas, thoughts, ideas and aspirations. English studied in class cannot be separated from our social responsibilities, and should help us contribute to our communities.