Translations and Proofreading

Serveis Lingüístics de Barcelona boasts a number of professionals who are specialised in various languages and sectors and are able to translate, proofread and edit documents to a high level of precision and quality.
Our areas of expertise include, amongst others, the translation, proofreading and editing of documents in the marine, legal and medical fields, incorporating a wide range of languages including Spanish, Catalan, English, Arabic, Italian and German. SLB isn’t a regular translation agency; our translators are cooperative members, with years of experience, who collaborate with each other to offer a personalised and quality service at a very competitive price.
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Our status as a cooperative, made up of a great variety of language professionals covering various languages and specialist areas, allows us to offer translation services which are focused on the needs of each project. Take a look at the profiles of our translators.

Documents, websites and presentations – even in specialised fields.
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Proofreading and speech presentation, including editing.
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Executive coaching and presentation practice.
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Translation Enquiries

Tell us about your project, or request a personalised and no-obligation quote- we'd be delighted to advise and guide you.