Benefits and Rights of Cooperative Members

Fair Rate of Pay and Conditions for TEFL practitioners, Translators, and Language Service Professionals

One of the reasons teachers say that they are unhappy with their academies and schools is that their pay is not a fair reflection on what they do. We stand up for teachers’ rights, and we remunerate our partners for SLB classes in the fairest way possible. If you take classes through the co-operative, we offer:

  • Paid preparation time
  • Inconvenience rates (for travel far from the centre)
  • Travel expenses

…As well as an attractive base-rate for every class.


We commit to offering our translators and other language service providers a competitive European rate. Fees vary on a job-by-job basis, depending on complexity, time-frame, and specialisation.

Please note that if you choose to apply to join SLB, a breakdown of the pay structure and translation rates will be explained to you in full.

If you want to read more about our stance on this, please read our blog post about fair pay, competition, and professional marketing.

Shares in the Cooperative – One Voice, One Vote!

Once you have been through our interview process, have agreed to SLB terms, and paid your membership fee, you are a full member of the cooperative. Each associate has the same responsibilities, and the same right to vote. Each associate has the same share in any potential profits, if the cooperative vote to award dividends at the end of the financial year.

Those associates who invest more money than is required by the statutes may receive more in interest, but do not have a bigger say in what we do, as every member is considered an equal and will always be considered so.

Full details are outlined in our official statutes.