Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about SLB’s Language classes?

Whether you are an individual looking for a private or group class, or business owner requiring language training for your employees here in Barcelona, we are sure we have a solution for you – even if you have something different in mind! Find out how you can improve your language skills in English, Spanish or Catalan with SLB.

Check out our FAQs below!
What is an SLB class like?
Well, every class is different! SLB teachers know that lessons must be interesting and dynamic, and have to appeal to a wide range of people. This is why every SLB class is tailor-made for the clients who work with us. We conduct a thorough analysis of your organisation’s needs and requirements before providing a bespoke service that allows students to fully exploit their potential, and make rapid progress in their areas of need. Our classes are student-centred, communicative and have real-world value.
What’s different about an SLB teacher?
Our teachers are freelancers who are carefully selected by the cooperative for their skill, knowledge and professionalism. Every member of the cooperative has access to resources and training and support, which helps them provide an even better service.
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And as our members can share in our success, you will not find a teacher more motivated to provide you with a top customer experience. We believe this sets us apart from standard language academies and really offers our clients excellent value for money.
What method does SLB use?
Great teaching! No, but really – we do not believe there is one single method of learning a language that works for everyone. For this reason we take an approach of ‘principled eclecticism.’ This means that we use parts of any and all technologies, approaches or methods that we deem appropriate, in order to ensure our students’ needs are met, giving our students the best possible language learning experience. We also rely on more than 25 years of cumulative experience teaching in various contexts to ensure our students reach their goals. Our teachers are also people who themselves have learned languages and can empathise with students’ experiences.
Who does SLB work with?
Businesses and Individuals

SLB aims to provide quality language training for corporate, academic, private, and international business requirements. For us, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all package, because your needs come first. We celebrate diversity and recognise the importance of timely, focused and relevant linguistic services to the many unique clients we work with.
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Please get in touch with us, if you’d like to find out more.

Social initiatives, foundations and charities

Our interests also extend beyond providing services to those best able to afford them. Cooperativa de Serveis linguistics de Barcelona has a social dimension, and we are actively looking for new partners and collaborators, interested in amongst other things supporting, marginalised communities, low-income families or individuals and those looking to reintegrate themselves into the labour market by improving key skills such as spoken and written English.

Please get in touch if you have a proposal for us!

Do I need to do a level test?
Yes. We recommend that all students take a 1-1 level test and do a needs analysis to best identify their requirements. You can try our online level test before arranging a no-obligation oral test with one of our teachers.

Level tests and needs analyses are very helpful for us, as we use them to design appropriate courses that respond to and addresses both student and organisational needs. We we will use your information, and summary of individual needs, to put you in a group with students of the same level and requirements. If you like, we can also give you a report detailing your results.

Can I get funding from the Fundacion Tripartita or Fondo Social Europeo?
Yes. If your organisation qualifies you could be eligible for funding of up to 75% of the cost of your training with SLB and potentially more depending on other factors. We can help and provide guidance with this process when required by the client.
Can SLB prepare me for a recognised international qualification?
Yes. We are experts in Cambridge exams, with years of combined experience teaching First Certificate (FCE- B2); Advanced (CAE- C1), and Proficiency (CPE- C2). Preparation for the suite of Cambridge Business English Qualifications is also available. Get in touch for more information about IELTS, Trinity, TOEFL, and other international qualifications.
I have very specific Academic or Corporate needs. But also need expertise in translations, speech writing, presentation skills, meetings and cultural awareness. Can SLB help with all that too?
Yes we can. We have partners in the cooperative from diverse backgrounds, legal, medical, sales, marketing, academic, international and governmental to name a few. Whatever your needs, we can offer a holistic approach with years of experience providing high-quality services to a myriad of clients. All our partners and collaborators have been vetted to our own exacting standard and will typically have a minimum of five years on-the-job experience as well as time spent working in other corporate/academic environments.
I have certain special needs. Can I do classes with SLB? I'm unemployed but I want to do classes with SLB too, can I?
Yes and Yes. As part of our cooperative nature we actively seek to collaborate with individuals who would otherwise have difficulty in taking classes, or who are themselves in need of free or subsidised classes. SLB is also keen to work with groups or organisations who would like to offer these services to their members, affiliates or stakeholders.
Wait, you haven’t answered all my questions!
If you still need more information, or would like to arrange a preliminary meeting, level tests or classes contact us now.
Oh- one more thing. Can I ask how much you charge?
Yes, of course. Please have a look at our price guide.