Case Study: One-to-One Private Classes

Noemí wishes to improve her vocabulary and communication skills for travel purposes, as well as to study English related to her academic field.

What? Weekly ongoing two-hour class focusing on general and academic English.

Who? Noemí Pizarro, a Chilean maths teacher with a B1 level of English currently
studying for a Ph.D in Barcelona.

How? Two hours of weekly presencial classes plus online homework and reinforcement via Edmodo, using authentic articles and video clips to supplement a student-owned coursebook.

To what end? Noemí needs to be able to give a presentation in English at an academic conference at the beginning of next year, as well to have the confidence to socialise with other delegates in English.

And what does Noemí think?

The teacher is very kind and has a lot of patience. He uses different types of website or other digital tools for learning in a fun, effective and robust way.
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With his help, I can now understand better different papers related to my research in the university and I feel more confident reading, listening to and speaking English.

Noemí Pizarro Contreras, Mathematics teacher