Case Study: Meroil, SA

English is the lingua franca of the shipping industry, and both office and technical staff at the terminal need English to communicate with ship captains and crew, as well as with clients based outside Spain.

What? In-company 168 hour English course focusing on a mix of general English and English for the petroleum and shipping industries.

Who? Two groups at A2 and B1 level comprising administrators and loading masters working in the Meroil terminal in the Port of Barcelona

How? Two hours a week presencial classes working through a negotiated syllabus, plus online assignments on Edmodo to track progress. Material is almost all authentic, e.g. training videos, technical documents, radio recordings, company emails, in addition to movie clips and lighter material to balance out the work-based focus.

To what end? To enable students to deal with English-speaking situations at work with greater confidence and agility. Results of assignments, measured against the CEFR scale, are recorded in three-monthly reports sent to management.

And what do the students think?

The classes are very appealing. We work on a lot of vocabulary (both technical and everyday) and useful grammar concepts. The speaking exercises with my workmates are great for our fluency, and the phonetic correction the teacher gives us is helping improve our pronunciation a lot. Personally, I’m very satisfied.

Cristina Barragan, Loading Master, Meroil S.A.
The classes are great. It’s a different method from the usual, there’s no textbook to follow; it’s a dynamic class, completely in English, that is adapted to the environment and sense of humour of the group, with a great amount of interaction.
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The teacher isn’t only professional but also punctual and responsible, and always has time at the end to deal with questions that arise and help you with work situations. Frankly recommendable, practical and efficient.

Anna Gamundi, Administrator, Meroil S.A.